NUC's storage network availability

Good day! I’m new in roon, so could somebody please clarify - if I install ROCK on intel NUC and have internal SSD as storage, will it be available for other devices in my network, for example for storage of videos? Will I be able to create a folder for downloads on that NUC’s internal SSD and use this path for torrent client ?

Thank you in advance.

The the OS is installed on is used entirely for the OS, no storage at all. If you put a 2nd drive to store music, other devices could see it,but, it is not designed to be general.use storage

It also needs to be formatted for use with ROCK as an internal drive so whatever is on there now will be gone. Also its only accessible with SMB-V1 so that might limit some connections.

Thank you. Yes, of course I assumed the second drive, not the one for OS.
Correct me if I’m wrong - can other devices see the 2nd drive but won’t be able to save data on it?

yes they should see the Share of Data folder which contains the Storage folder…as seen on my MAC

But if I connect the second drive as an external (via USB f.e.) will it be available for other network devices as a storage to save and move files on ?

Yes but the format might need to be specific for ROCK to see it…you can check the KB area perhaps

Hello @Nikita_Korovin,

We do not recommend using the NUC’s internal SSD as a personal storage location. This drive is designed to be a storage source for Roon media and Roon is watching this drive as a whole for any new content.

Anything you place on the drive will be scanned by Roon, and if for example you have any files with multiple small media files included in them (such as program files that contain sound samples), these would be automatically added to your Roon Database.

My suggestion here would be to use a typical external USB drive and connect this to the NUC, while specifying a watched music folder location that Roon scans. Since Roon would only be scanning one folder path (as opposed to the entire internal drive), it would be much better in the long-term.

Thanks a lot for that reply. One more question, if you do not mind - if I connect external drive to NUC via usb, will I be able to make it network available as NAS. Can I arrange access for other network users to keep and to save files to that drive and to use it, for example, as download folder for torrent tracker ?

Once you connect the USB drive to the NUC it should be accessible via SMB. You can specify the USB drive by navigating to \\ROCK\Storage\USB_Name from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, see ROCK Storage Basics Documentation.

Do note that SMB speeds are fairly limited, and it might not get you desirable transfer speeds for large files and also, I would format the drive as exFAT to ensure maximum compatibility with ROCK.

Since USB storage is pretty cheap nowadays, getting two external USB drives would still be best in my opinion. You can have one drive connected to ROCK (internal or external) that manages the music library and then another drive connected to your main PC (where the downloads happen). Then you can use SMB to transfer specific tracks over to internal/external storage and keep the standard downloading speeds on the primary PC.