Number of roon users?

I seem to remember the figure of 250,000 roon users implied by @danny probably in the past 12 months but I notice the figure 100,000 is mentioned on the current pricing page.

Have I just misremembered the 250,000 figure?

Have 150,000 users left?

Is the website just not updated that frequently ?


The page hasn’t been updated in ages and I seem to recall that Danny‘s 250K were mentioned in response to someone quoting the 100K from the website

In the information released with Roon’s acquisition by Harman, Roon is described as “popular”. Usually Roon is referred to as “niche”.

It’s popular in its niche!


@Sloop_John_B , from September 2022, Danny mentioned “close to 300k now”. I have seen 350k posted by Roon Support, long before ARC came out.

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It’s even popular to be in a niche!