Number of solutions in the Profile Summary gone?

Not sure if it’s just me:

I worked so hard for this :wink:

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Mine still shows

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May be you fixed too many problems and you broke the forums :rofl:

Talk about unintended consequences :face_with_peeking_eye:

Mine is not there either, but I never looked for it before :thinking:


lol - I see U just fine :rofl:


I ain’t got no solutions neither. No point in doing support, that needy @Suedkiez fixes everything these days. Me, Me, Me…


Maybe we are not meant to look :thinking:

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hahaha :rofl:

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I broke the forum :frowning:


I can’t see anyone’s solutions on any device :frowning: Safari macOS and iOS

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Not even just by tapping others avatar pictures.

Yours is this

TBH, this latest Discord update isn’t doing it for me :weary:

Edit: typo, Discourse

Nope, the other stats are there but the solutions are missing like in my OP, in both my own profile and everyone else’s

I agree it’s missing from users ‘Stat’ page.

But solutions are still visible hb you initially tap on a user’s avatar :wink:

Aaah now I see it! Thanks. Still odd it’s missing from the summary

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The latest version of Discourse has apparently moved people’s cheese. I notice that the main navigation menu has changed its appearance and moved things around as well.

Yeah, but for the better in the main menu IMHO. Just weird that all stats are in the summary except this one

Discord?? Is there a discord version of the forum?

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It’s Discourse


@kc1 nice spot.

@Suedkiez cheers for the correction.

Discord :arrow_down:

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Who would notice anyway? (Apart from the person with the highest number of solutions perhaps)


Wish they dumped this garbage software and use something like IPS. I’d even settle for xenforo…