Numbers in boxes beside the track?

I’ve been Roon user for a few years but one thing mystifies me still…

when looking at a track (ie song) there are often a box or two with numbers. One is a box
that is associated with a globe icon, the other is a box associated with a CD icon - at least that’s what they look like to me. What is the significance of these boxes and the numbers within???

Click on them and it will become clear!

The number in the globe icon tells you how many performances of that track are available from your streaming service. The other one tells you how many performances are available in your local library. Click on the boxes. You will see roon in a different way. It’s a great way to explore music and build playlists of interesting covers. One of roons best features.

Identifying your albums is important to get the most out of roon. Taking roon a step further and identifying all your tracks as well is a lot more work but it takes roons’ possibilities to another level if you haven’t tried it.

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that is really cool…I often am interested of finding “covers” of songs that I like better than the originals.

like most other software applications I use, I seem to simply scratch the surface functionality wise.