Nuprime dac-10h no native dsd

does ropieee support native dsd for nuprime dac-10h? only dop avaliable. report id 3a3f7a3382730a64

DAC-10 is supported. Wouldn’t be surprised if the 10H has a different USB id.

Anyhow, due to an infra issue on my side your feedback never reached RoPieee HQ. Can you send it again?


Thanks for looking at the issue. I’d re-send the feedback ffe75f7b23ce6d32

When following native DSD developments I’ve noticed that this is missed by most distributions:

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@wklie Is that means I can add dac-10h to support native dsd by my self?

No you can’t. It requires a patched kernel.

@spockfish Is there any chance patch the kernel from your side? Many thanks

Hi @Sean_Yuan,

I’ve looked at your logs, but the kernel is already patched.
Can you tell a little bit about your setup? Which kind of Pi and what version of RoPieee?


Hi @spockfish,
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with ropieeexl -> dac-10h

Can you show the settings inside Roon for the DAC?

Can the USB VID PID of the DAC (e.g. 0x16d0, 0x06b2) be found from the status and/or log?

Yes. This is not the first DAC I’ve seen and patched :wink:

Yes sure you did. I just want to confirm the OP’s DAC VID and PID.

It is indeed 0x16d0, 0x06b2. The kernel used has that patch, so not entirely sure what’s going on.

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I have the same problem with ropieee and Nuprime Dac 10H

see above. Can you show me the settings in Roon?
and send feedback?


connected to rock:

@Bogdan_Dorin and @Sean_Yuan,

I’ve found the issue, silly typo.
Anyways, I’ll prepare a patch that will be released sowewhere in the weekend that fixes native DSD on your DAC-10.