Nvidia shield pro as Roon core

Please enable Roon server/core functionality on the Nvidia shield pro. it can handle the processing no problem. Why has this not been done?

What is the processor in that device? Roon core is only for X86 and Apple Silicon products thus far.

It’s a tegra graphics focused processor, has about a quarter of the single thread capability of an i3 so way below minimum recommended spec for a core.

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It is an ARM processor with ~half the cache, less than half the speed, not to mention it has a built-in GPU core that shares resources and the shield pro only has 3 Gig of ram (which is also shared). So not very likely to do well trying to run Roon Core.

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It might make an interesting endpoint / bridge though…

I connected an S.M.S.L DAC to the Shield TV Pro, and it had no problems playing 24-bit, 192 kHz content. In fact, I believe it upsampled everything to that rate.

I agree, it makes a good “display” for when I want a bigger display than what is on my RPi/RoPieee.
Right now it shows up under “displays” and under “other network devices” via Chromecast.

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