Obtain missing Album information from the Internet when not [part of the metadata

Composer and artist information is often missing.
This is particularly annoying on classical music where it becomes impossible to know what you are listening to without an internet search. It also makes it extremely difficult to find albums in the library or in Tidal.
An extreme example is the new MQA album Minor Major by the Oslo String Quartet. This is in fact music of Beethoven and Schubert but is not on the album art and is not mentioned in the track information The composers are also missing in the Metadata. I had to Google the album and get the details from a site such as discogs.com or allmusic.com to know what was on the album. If you then decide you want it in your library a difficult metadata change is needed first otherwise it will never be found again.
The issue also applies to other genres where often no information is available on composers despite the “songs” being covers.

If you do a search of the forums you will find long explanations of why metadata for classical albums is problematic.

I am aware that metadata is problematic. It just seems to me that this is an application where AI could be used to provide an exponential improvement to what is currently available.

Maybe one of the Metadata providers will use it some day. I don’t see roon taking that on.

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