Occasional pops/ticks during playback

I’ve been having issues with random occasional popping sounds thru speakers during playback. These do not occur when using a cd transport connected for playback.
Roon Core is on Mac Mini with latest OS, Roon software is latest build. Music stored on WD NAS. I thought issue might be my 5 year old Verizon Actiontec router so I replaced with latest Verizon Gateway router.
MAC and NAS are connected directly to Verizon router via RJ45. Verizon router sends signal to Bricasti M5. I have also tried replacing all Ethernet cables.
Any ideas?

@support is going to want more info -

While you’re waiting - what’s your processing speed and are you doing any DSP processing? Also, are you doing anything else on the Mini when popping sounds happen? Speaking from experience the Mini can be a little underpowered to do any heavy multitasking.

I do not use any DSP functions. Not sure about processing speed buy computer is 2014 Mini I5 with 8gb RAM. I do not use it for any other purpose but to run Roon.

Can you increase the buffer size in Roon for the Bricasti?

No, not the clock speed of your computer.

When you’re playing some music, select the glowing dot at the bottom next to the name of what you’re listening to. It will expand to show you the signal path. The processing speed is at the top. The higher the number the better, but it should be at least 1.x

Probably alright, but while you’re waiting for support to get back to you, you can take a look at it.

Hello @Robert_Cupka,

Does most of your playback consist of local files in your library or Tidal streaming? Do you have files of multiple different sample rates or formats? Do the sounds happen more often at the beginning or end of tracks vs during the middle of a song?