Odroid C2, DietPi - no native DSD, Marantz HD-DAC1 and Mytek Brooklyn

Straight to the topic: there is no native DSD support for Marantz HD-DAC1 and Mytek Brooklyn when playing through Odroid C2. Checked with Raspberry Pi 3 and there is native DSD support for these DAC’s.
Is there any chance for the patch for Odroid C2? Or maybe there is a way to upgrade Linux kernel?


Unfortunately, the Odroid C2 kernel provided by HK is 3.x. This is somewhat “outdated” and clearly lacks improved DSD support.

There may be a way to patch the 3.x kernel, but thats not something I have time to take on at the moment. We really need to wait for Odroid/HK to provide a 4.x kernel.

Message received. I’ll stick to RaspberryPi than.

Hi Dan @Dan_Knight

Was there an update to this, regarding the Odroid C2 kernel getting 4.9.40 and native DSD support?

I saw on the DietPi website that the Odroid C2 is youroverall favourite - but for Roon and USB DAC and DSD support, would you recommend avoiding the Odroid C2?

I am using an Odroid C2 with Roon Bridge software provided by DietPi and I have no problems running native DSD256 over USB into an iFi iDSD BL or a JL Sounds AK4490.

Just another data point

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Thanks Wayne. Kernel 4.9.40 ?

I am not sure what you are asking.
I am using latest update from Roon.
DietPi shows Linux 3.14.79+

Sorry, I was asking about the Linux Kernel, which is 3.14.79 for you.

DietPi on the Pi3 is at v 4.9.40

It seems DietPi for Odroid C2 still hasn’t reached 4.x yet

Are you running the latest DietPi version? Have you run the ‘check for updates’ in DietPi?

I am running the latest DietPi version. I have not seen any updates.
At least, for me, the current DietPi version works very well.

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I picked up a C2 and am running the same DietPi version as you, the latest one available.

It performs so much better with native DSD256 with an iFi iDAC2 than DietPi on an RP3, probably because USB and ethernet don’t share the same bus in the C2. As per my other thread I started, I was having pops and crackles with native DSD256 with the RPi3. I wouldn’t hear them with 90% of my music but on very really quiet parts of songs, the small pops were clearly heard - quiet pops but annoying. Not a single issue with the C2 though.

As a RoonBridge endpoint, especially using higher samples rates of upsampled DSD, the C2 is so much better than the RPi3 in my system.

Would be nice to have it’s kernel updated to the same as the Pi’s though.

I can see/hear why it’s DietPi’s favourite SBC now.

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Hi @Dan_Knight,

I’m using Pi3 with latest DietPi as Roon Bridge, it was fine but my DAC(Furutech ADL STRATOS) has no Native DSD, just DoP. Could you give me some commands to fix this problem, I would appreciate it.

Thank you and good day.


If Roon is not displaying native DSD capability, it could be a lack of driver support in the RPi 4.9 kernel currently, and/or kernel support in general, for this specific DAC.

The first thing we usually check to ask if the firmware on DAC has been upgraded (if applicable). This may resolve the issue.

We also need to check the USB ID for device, please paste results:



I get this link:

So Linux native DSD playback support added Furutech ADL Stratos in the list on 24-Mar-17, please check it. I’ll give you USB ID for device soon.

Thank you and good day.

Hi @Dan_Knight
I have two dac,Holo Spring and Oppo Ha-1.I try to use them in DietPi.Ha-1 can play in Native DSD,But the Spring just work in the DOP mode. I’ve tried both on Pi3 and Tinkerboard ,Get the same results .

I check the USB ID for Spring:
root@DietPi:/# lsusb
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 20b1:3036 XMOS Ltd
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 05e3:0610 Genesys Logic, Inc. 4-port hub
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 003 Device 002: ID 0bda:481a Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

Is it the only way to rebuild the kernel ?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and hope to answer .

Hey @Dan_Knight

Is DietPi for Odroid C2 now up to kernel 4.x ? With Native DSD support?

I see there’s been some work done by Odroid/HK since this thread started to update the kernel?




Hey @Dan_Knight
At the risk of thread-jacking, are there any plans to include the DSD drivers in the 64bit ARM H5 version of DietPi for NanoPi Neo 2 board?

Unfortunately not, we use stock kernel provided by FriendlyARM for all NanoPi’s. They would need to make the patch.
We simply don’t have the man hours available to provide custom kernels for all devices.