Off Topic Moderation

So I’ve had two posts removed. And while the system tells me I can edit it to remove the “offensive” content I don’t readily see how to do that.

I removed an entire paragraph from my second post and honestly don’t see what could be left that could be considered offensive by anyone. Maybe I could possibly see the paragraph in the first post could not be to someone’s liking but again, honestly, I can’t imagine an adult seeing fault with what I wrote. Please help me understand. PM would be welcome if you feel that more appropriate, or are afraid you might be censored as well.

Could whomever flagged my post please have the common courtesy to send me a PM and tell me what the problem is?

I’d really like some discussion about my question but feel if I post my question again this post will be taken away.

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Have a read of this:

Posts about moderation will nearly always be off-topic in the thread where the moderation occurs. You should open a new thread like this in the Roon Community Section if you want to discuss moderation.

Moderators split threads when a discussion acquires a sufficient audience to justify a new thread in order to avoid multiple conversations about different things in the one thread. The idea is that users should be able to follow a discussion in its own thread, not have to piece it together through previous posts. Some forum software uses nesting to accomplish this, but Discourse doesn’t do that. When a new thread is split off, there is a link in the original post which can be followed by those interested.

Edit: Most folk who’s posts are split into new topics recognise that the discussion has expanded and are happy to have a separate thread for the new discussion. It’s not intended to be a criticism of anyone, just a thread management thing.

One option that Discourse does have, but which is a bit hidden away is ‘Reply as a linked topic’. To access this, start a reply to a post in the usual way and click the pencil in the top left corner. You will see this option, which is an easy way to start a new thread referencing the original post.

Let’s get this straight. A conversation gets split out as off topic and in that new thread where someone asks why…that is considered off topic and gets moved? I could understand that in the first topic, but the second???

I don’t find this very helpful for the Roon brand.

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Still waiting for a PM from “someone” besides a mod that flagged my posts. Easy to tap a button. Takes a bit more backbone to have an honest conversation or defend your point of view.

Again, I’m not looking for a fight. More interested in your thought process

‘Off topic’ is sometimes used as a defensive category. The other day a user and myself in two posts in a thread with resolved topic poked some harmless and inoffensive fun precisely at the way some mods are fast at marking posts as off topic. It made me just laugh when these two precise posts were marked as off topic and instantly removed. Several other evidently off topic posts in the same thread were allowed to stay. So, the mods are just human and as such have their personality and way of doing things. There are the serious and humorless, and then there are the easygoing, too. That’s just the way it is, and I can easily live with it.

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Based on the feedback I’ve received I think you may be wrong with the claim, most.

I fully agree that in a technical thread or a specific question type of thread there should be very little cross talk. But in the case of general “stuff” that is just time filling good natured water cooler talk what is the point?

If I start a Free For All thread is that okay to have nothing split off or would it need to be Ted Nugent specific?

You can start a thread in Uncategorised as a general chat with a request that discussion not be split and I wouldn’t expect Mods would split it.

You can’t please everyone; for every poster who prefers to remain in an original thread for some reason, there will be an OP that is annoyed their topic is being derailed.

Some mods have a heavier hand than others.


This is true. And in support threads or wherever someone posts a specific question and expects a specific discussion or answer, keeping it clean and on topic seems the best way of moderation.

And every regular knows who they are… I like to think that all just moderate in good faith, and the differences in style one notices just are evidence for humans being at work…

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Where is that sarcasm emoji?

I’ll start planning my spontaneity. I’ll be sure and ask for no thread splitting in any future ones I start. Thanks for the heads up. I must have missed that in the ToS.

Apologies in advance if this comes across as insensitive I know you are only doing your job. I appreciate that it is mostly criticism for mods and little thanks . Seems reasonable to me that the person routinely splitting threads might do me the courtesy of responding.

I’m done. Rant over. I’ve got more important things on my plate. Like coffee, whiskey, guitar, pet threads…and now cars :grinning:

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You might be making a bigger deal out of this than it is. Frequently, a thread drifts to a completely different subject and other users might flag certain posts as “off topic.” Then, the mods decide that the “new” discussion topic deserves a thread of it’s own.

Some forums are more strict about this than others as well as some moderators. It’s really a non-issue IMHO. It’s how some interesting discussions and threads get started, that might otherwise be lost.