Offline catalogue

So I have around 1,500 CD’s in all formats in my Roon catalogue. I still buy CD’s, new and second hand, not only because I would like to see brick & mortar music stores to survive, but also because I find that in too many cases, older titels (pre-2000) are only offered in ‘remastered’ (i.e. compressed) versions by digital and streaming services.

Anyway, I love browsing the stores for treasures. But too often I find myself in doubt: do I already have this title? If so, what version? Would this add something to my collection?

I wish I could have an ‘offline’ catalogue on my iPhone or iPad, so I can check. Could be in the Roon app, a pdf ‘booklet’ or some other catalogue app. It should offer me details like artist&titles, album cover, track list, release date and file format. I know I can export my catalogue to Excel and bring it with me, but I somehow would like something more appealing than this.

Any thoughts?

The problem with a booklet is that its not searchable. When you have 1500 albums you’re not gonna look one up just by flipping pages until you find it. Having an excel makes it super easy to search. I understand you want it presented in a nicer way, but for the purpose you mentioned the excel will do.

Roll your own using Microsoft OneNote?

Once you get it into a spreadsheet you should be able to manipulate it any way you want; PDF on an iphone would be quite useful, and reasonable searchable.

Thank you for your thoughts. Since my use case is quite limited, I guess the excel sheet wins, for now…

It doesn’t have to stay as a spreadsheet. Excel can be exported into tables, columns, etc., and from there you could make it look as pretty as you want. I mean, I don’t think it would include album covers etc.

Consider this - maybe you do one of those VPN workarounds that others use to use Roon as a mobile audio player (to me that looks to iffy, given the use of bandwidth) but maybe you could use it as a mobile version of your library without playing from it?