Offline mode / local files only?

Is there a way to exclude Tidal + Qobuz tracks, and just see files that are local / on the network NAS? There are times I want to play long sessions of music, but don’t want to be streaming the files over the internet. (Thank you Comcast, for putting data caps on an unlimited data plan. Lying bastards.)

From what I can tell, the only way to do this is to unregister Tidal and Qobuz from the software, which… that’s a severe pain.


Use Focus in your Album or Track browsers. In the Format criterion, you’ll see checkboxes for Tidal and Qobuz. Clicking once on them selects them for inclusion (green label). Click the green label again to select them for exclusion (red label).

With both selected for exclusion, your Album and Track browsers will only display your local content.

You can also save this set of criteria as a Bookmark, so you can quickly switch displays between local-only or all content.

That was embarrassingly easy. Thank you!


Alternatively, you could use the Inspector >> Storage Locations in Focus to select your local storage folder(s) and save that as a bookmark too.

You can also, set Roon Radio for local library only, in the Queue under the three dot menu, there is a slider switch.

But the simplest thing to do, must be to deactivate the streaming accounts in Settings?
No need to log out, just deactivate when you don’t want Roon Radio streaming stuff from online services. Then activate them again when you feel like a discovery session?