Offloading computation to separate computer?


I’m sorry if this have been asked before, but it is a bit confusing.

If I have Roon running on a mac mini, connected to the dac, in the listening room, can I use hqplayer on a different computer (windows) on the network, do the upsampling there, the get the stream back to the mac and out to the dac?

That is: sending form Roon on mac mini to hqplayer on seperate windows pc, streaming back to mac mini and out to dac.

Is it possible? Do I need hqplayer on both the mac mini and the windows pc?


You absolutely put hqplayer on a seperate machine and let Roon stream to that HQPlayer server.
However, your dac should then be connected to the HQ player server.
If you cannot do that, then you need to make use of HQplayer NAA. I dont know if that is feasible o your Mac mini running Roon.
I doubt it very much, and I do not recommend it.
But you can of course always try

Yes, you can do this. You need to run HQPlayer on the Windows computer and the NAA for Mac on the Mac mini.

Point Roon at the IP address of the Windows Computer.
Remember to click Network Control in the icon bar for HQPlayer so it turns on the relevant network stuff. See here.
Download and install the NAA for Mac from here.
Point HQPlayer on the Windows machine to the NAA on the Mac.

Note that because you are sending data in both directions between the Mac and the Windows machine in real time you want a full duplex connection. This requires wired Ethernet for both Mac and Windows machines. Wi-Fi is not full duplex.

It would make more sense to run both Roon and HQPlayer on the Windows machine (point Roon to HQPlayer localhost) and just run the NAA on your Mac mini.

Thank for quick reply! Great support here :slight_smile:

I just realized that the last paragraph is the solution.

Now - I am running Roon and Hqplayer on the same windows comp, roon finds hqplayer, but tracks never start, they just sit at 0:00 and “loads” forever. Roon is connect to Hqplayer, changing volume in hqp registers in roon. HQp plays fine by itself if I load a file to it.

Known problem with an easy solution? :slight_smile:

Problem solved, no idea how, I resetted all settings in HQP and now in works.

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Today I am running ROCK on a nuc i5 in my closet and sending the stream over the network to a Roon ready DAC (NAA) and I think this is great.

But I am curious about upsampling so my question is… having my current setup in mind, Is is possible to have a seperate computer with HQ player in the closet making all the calculations and then send the stream over the network to my NAA DAC?

Yes, Roon and HQPlayer can reside on separate computers. And HQPlayer can send audio to NAA compliant network endpoints.

Note that Roon Ready isn’t NAA (but RAAT) and it is not compatible with HQPlayer. You need a HQPlayer NAA compatible endpoint. Not knowing what is the DAC in question it is not possible to say whether it would work as is.

First, thanks for quick reply.

That is correct my network streamer (Auralic) is Roon Ready (RAAT). I was a bit quick there…
Is a Roon certified unit (RAAT) compatible with NAA?

No it is not. Auralic streamers are not NAA capable.