Oh dear, no track artist

Album: ‘Xtra 80’s Hits’ is not showing track artist on this compilation album:

  • ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me’ does not show ‘Culture Club’
  • ‘View From A Bridge’, does not show ‘Kim Wilde’
  • ‘Wild Boys’ does not show ‘Duran Duran’

And so on for all the tracks. So when I search for ‘Culture Club’ or the rest, northing shows in the search. The track primary artist is there but roon ignores it as you see from the images attached. Also, the track editor page just shows a blank screen.

No track/performed by artist info:

But roon knows:

No performed by:

Correct in iTunes:

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On these albums, what do your files tags show for Album Artist?

I’m guessing we’ll handle these better if you add Various Artists as the Album Artist, and leave the track artist as is. Try making that change, then going into Edit > Rescan. If that doesn’t fix it, we’ll take another look.

Thanks for the report @Afullmark!

As per the attached images, it is ‘various artist’.

To be clear, I’m asking about the file tags, not what’s displayed in Roon. Can you confirm the file tags contain Various Artists for album artist?

  • If that exact text isn’t there, try adding it and then clicking Edit > Re-Scan to pick up the changes.
  • If it is there, let me know and we can take a look at the media here.


This is what the info in iTunes show for the ‘Xtra 80’s Hits’ album:

But then, it really should work because the album ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary [UK]’ displays with the individual artist tracks in roon, and this is what is in iTunes:

Both albums are labelled as compilations and display ‘various artists’ under the album title:

I seem to be having the same problem. It appears that many of the compilations in my collection are no longer displaying the “Performed by” artist data. This has only occurred after the Roon 1.2 release.

The artist data is still listed in the file - see below. tag

I also notice that compilations impacted by this problem seem to be those where the metadata is not listed on Allmusic. Can this be fixed in the next release please, as it’s one of the best things about Roon for me!! :heart_eyes:


Hey @tommy_turntable – I wrote many words about this subject yesterday. Give it a read, or if you want the short version:

In order to treat the artist tag like a credit (which is what you’re seeing for Performed By), we currently require that the album artist field be present. If you add a tag for album artist that says “Various Artists” and rescan the album, I think you should get the behavior you’re looking for here.



Thanks Mike - All fixed :slight_smile:

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