Ok to use an external SSD for Roon database?

Or would response time be too slow? (I assume the external SSD would be connected by USB)

I’m looking at a QNAP TS251A (I’ll also use it for movies).

Thanks in advance,


I use an old 4Gb memory stick and works fine but also backup to Dropbox.

Should be perfectly fine.

I used a 128GB Storejet SSD with my QNAP TS-451+ for Roon, no issues at all on a 32k track DB.

USB SSD drives are fine.

@Terry_Fell1 I’d not recommend USB pen drives. In most cases they are even slower than spinnig disks. There was a topic about it not that long ago.

Just read the topic and some good info. Will look at other drives to use instead.

How about external hard disk drive? Too slow? Too noisy? Or OK?

Too slow for what the Roon database requires in performance terms. The advice has always been to use SSD for this.

Thanks for the link!

Bought this sleek little 2TB SSD. Incredibly fast! Works perfectly well for storing my audio files for Roon.