Okay to permanently place Nucleus on its side?

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Just a quick question. I have a logistical problem. I can solve this by placing my Nucleus permanently on one of its finned sides. Will this damage it? There’s really not a lot in the Nucleus. No hard disk in it either. Is it okay to run it like this long term?

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I suppose it won’t be at its most efficient when cooling. I have a Cirrus7 fanless and they also recommend a certain orientation that I can’t do. However, I don’t tax it much and it remains cool anyway, so not an issue. You’d notice if yours got too hot. It would shut down before it got damaged

I would guess that, at minimum, an air gap under the fins by a standoff foot or pad would mitigate some of the lost cooling efficiency.

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I’m not an engineer, just my humble opinion.

Depending on the load and heat dissipation, it can become critical. Even if the CPU or the device shuts down. The electrical components require heat dissipation, higher heat leads to higher wear.

Given that heat always rises, I don’t think it’s good in the long run. One should consider it.

I have found that the Nucleus also gets warmer than a Prime.

Always dependent on use and load.

Thanks @Suedkiez. Mine runs very cool indeed. It’s certainly not being worked very hard at all. @Thorsten_Heinrich says this planning on its side is very much a no no. He mates a good point. But he caveats that by saying it’s down to how hard I’m using it. Like you, mines not being driven hard at all. Hmmmm…I’ll have a think. Thanks for your time. Appreciate it. :blush:

Understood. Thanks @Collin_Bruce. Appreciate your time. :+1:

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Understood. Good advice @Thorsten_Heinrich. I’ll probably just keep it in its standard orientation. I’ll have a think :thinking:. This for your time. :blush:

I would put on four small stick-on feet to get some air space beneath the Nucleus.

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Or how about passive cooling on a whole new level. Get a nice audiophile aquarium and submerge the ROCK / Core / Nucleus in 3M LIQUID? :wink:


Hello @Jim_F. Already done that :+1:.
Like minds…I see that you’re a lifer too.

Thanks @Jim_F. :blush:

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Ha! :laughing:. I would have to add some acoustic panels to the glass though.

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