Old Core Still Shows Up As An Option

I moved my Core from my iMac to a dedicated Mac Mini which is working great. Both are running the latest version of Catalina. However, the iMac is still shown as an option to be used as a Core. I located a post here which gave instructions on how to remove the Roon’s database via the Library folder. I’ve uninstalled Roon, moved the Roon database and the RAAT Server to the Trash. In fact, I’ve removed anything Roon completely from the iMac. Then reinstalled Roon and when launched, the iMac still shows up as a selectable option for which Core to connect too. I don’t want this showing up in order to prevent other Roon users in my household from accidentally connecting to it. Any ideas as to why this is not working as instructed?


If I remember correctly there are 3 dots to the right, one option is remove.

When you re-installed Roon, did you choose the option to connect to the new Core, or did you choose the use this PC option?

I know what you mean by “three dots” but there are none visible that I can see.

I chose the new Mac Mini Core even though both were displayed.

Just to detail what I meant:

After you have removed Roon completely from the PC (which includes rebooting it and verifying that everything is gone), and began the re-install, one of the first screens you get is this one:

At this point, you need to choose connect to the other existing core on the network. Doing so then installs the client side of Roon.

However, if you choose “Use this PC”, then the Roon will install with an Active Core.

Can you provide screenshot

Here’s a screen shot of what I get when I launch a fresh install of Roon on my iMac. I have NOT selected “Set up a Roon Core on this Mac”. I select Mac Mini but I should only be seeing Mac Mini. Not Devins-iMac.

This has me believe there’s a hidden file or a file in another location I’m unaware of that also needs to be removed.