Old iPad2 as Roon display with iPeng & Squeezelite

I just set up an old iPad2, that was obsolete and too old to run Roon Remote, as a Roon display. It now acts as a Roon remote through iPeng and has a beautiful display of album art.

Download iPeng to iPad & cough up a few $ for the In app purchase.
Set Roon to allow Squeezebox.
Set up iPeng in Roon as an audio output.
I then set up a Moon Mind renderer as a Sqeeuzelite audio output by setting up the Sonora UPnP bridge in a MicroRendu. There are a range of network capable UPnP players/streamers that can be set up this way.
Set up Squeezelite audio player in Roon as audio output.
Group the iPeng and Squeezelite audio as a group zone in Roon.
Then play a Roon audio stream to the new zone output and voila great sound to me HiFi rig and the old iPad2 sits on top to display the track, album etc…

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