Old Ropieee or Ropieee XL releases? [SOLVED]

I have a Raspberry PI 2 (old V1.1), tried to flash the current version that somehow does not work. Guess the PI 2 support is gone? Can I download old releases with Raspberry PI 2 support somewhere? Maybe someone has a backup? Currently their is no possibility to get a newer PI with version 3 or 4, as n PIs are available.

Would be great to have music playing again, till I can get my hands on a newer Raspberry PI.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Best Klaas

I think no old Ropieee releases are available. But, in order to make your Pi2 work as Roon endpoint, you can install DietPi and install on top of that Roon Bridge. This can be achieved directly from the DietPi user interface.

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thank you, do you know if it supports the display (Raspberry PI original 7 inch) with title etc.? I bought the display to have the information shown while listining. Would be a shame to kill my device with the installation and no have a display but no software for it.

Will definitely go there, if nobody has an old backup flying around.

a snapshot of RoPieee | Software web-page from 2021/07/31 is available on archive.org, and you can DL version 4.002 (2021/07/21) - RoPieee.org 2021/07/31 snapshot

but i don’t know if you still can upgrade to version 4.017 (2021/11/05)

edit: scrap that - DL links point to original RoPieee website, and are broken :frowning:

edit2: i found version 3.107 (2021/05/08) on one of my laptops; i sent you a PM with the link to it in case it helps, even so it’s too old for my taste

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thank you for this idea. I am installing DietPi and try out the chromium kiosk with the web display. I do not need the controls from the display, even if it would be nice. So I guess for me it is a byebye Ropieee till the Raspbery PI dies or the boards become available again.

Still a shame, as their is no need for more processing power and a PI 4 or even the 3 is just overkill.

I don’t use a display and have no first-hand experience with this, but I believe that it won’t work using DietPi. Support for useful output on the display is a Ropieee feature.

But at least you will have sound output on your old Pi2, until you may lay your hand on a newer Pi supported by Ropieee.

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thank you all for the help. I got an old Ropieee image and DietPi working. Now I will check out both and buy a new PI, when they get available again. Best

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