Older Mac's - a way to get later version MacOS releases installed

A way to use later release OS’ on older macs is often needed.

Here is a solution…try at your own risk, but Im running Monterey 12.3 on a 2012 MacMini no issues


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I moved to #tinkering as it’s not really as discussion about Roon Software.


@wizardofoz will surely get a Windows or a Linux maybe even an Android on this machine. I was also successful with Linux Manjaro on the Macbook Pro 2009.

I appreciate your knowledge and solutions

Its nice to see some developers are actively extending the flexibility of Apple hardware with such options. Some taleneted folks out there for sure. At least they also make it seamless when you do a MacOS update it detects it and prompts an update to the modified kernels too. Very nicely done.

Of course new OS’ have more resource needs so perhaps doing so on lesser hardware is a bad idea.

@joel yes definitely tinkering - sorry was in a rush to paste the URL and hadn’t got back to appropriately place it :smiling_face:


Indeed great stuff the Open Core legacy patcher running latest 12.4 now on an i5 and i7 from 2011

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There are a lot of folk complaining about the 2.0 release and intel chips, but it really is straightforward to run Open Core Legacy Patcher and just install 2.0.

I am typing this on a late 2012 Mac Mini (6,2) running Monterey 12.6 and Roon 2.0, works a treat. Required a spare hour and a 16Gb USB thumb drive.

Really great work from the Open Core team.


PS Really enjoying 2.0 and will be exploring ARC soon enough.

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Indeed it runs perfect MacOS 12.6.x