On a topic that I follow I get taken to old messages not the the latest

In the music section I follow the ‘What’s Moving And Grooving You Today?’ topic.

It happens when I click on the notification that someone answered me or I got a like. When I click on the notification I get taken to a message that was posted 30 or 45 minutes ago, not to the message the notification was about.

Then I have to scroll down every time if I want to see the latest message. It’s a bit annoying, to say the least.

What’s going on here? Is there a way to turn this off?

Henri, I dont think its time related.
I have had this for months now, it takes me back exactly 20 posts to the latest.
Can you see if thats the case with you too?


I had not counted the messages, but that’s probably right. To test it, I have to wait until someone gives me a like or answers me. I waited with reporting because I hoped that it was a mistake and it would be corrected. I don’t like to jump the gun.

Again annoying, when you just want to see who liked your post or what someone answered to you.

I agree and it just happened for me right now, I have no clue why and have not found anything that explains it…but it does only seem to happen when I use Edge browser on the PC.
On my phone I use DuckDuckGo and it does not happen there.

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On my iPad using Safari it happens every time. Also on my Brave browser on the iPad.

I think it’s a setting of this particular forum.

Probably someone who knew much better than us what we wanted, decided it would be a ‘good idea’ when we view a new comment in its ‘historical context’. :wink:

I noticed this behaviour as well and do not like it.
The first unread message is good enough for me.


Any ideas on this fellow @moderators ?
I have not found a setting that might explain this yet.

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I’m seeing this, too, but not on every thread I’m tracking. It doesn’t occur on other Discourse forums I use, also affects the Discourse app.

Yes not every thread… which makes it even harder to try and figure out what’s going on.
It’s in the category of annoying but not earth shattering…lol


Not earth-shattering, no, but annoying enough it dampens the pleasure of interacting with other Roon fans on the forum.

This started when someone introduced the near-hidden “Feedback” category, apparently in order to bury negative comments about the 2.0 release. (Why “Feedback” and “Feature Suggestions” are not sub-categories of “Roon Software Discussion” is left unexplained, as well. There’s plenty of both going on in “Roon Software Discussions”.) Why does “Feedback” not show up under “Latest”? Could whatever config option is causing that also be causing the other lossages?

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It’s usually easy to return to the correct position … when this happens, there is a “Back” button on the right-hand side of the thread.

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I don’t see this on a PC and browser, only a touch screen device like my phone/tablet. And then only if I touch the screen prior to the thread actually rendering. I have been getting a render delay for the past month or so. If I click on a thread and wait for a second or two, keeping all fingers etc away from the device, it works fine. However, if at any time I touch anywhere on my device during those first few seconds, it exhibits the issue described.

Interesting :thinking:

Been like this for a long time, it was mentioned in another thread here in this category. Also if click a notification of a heart or other interaction, I don’t get taken to it but further up

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