On library artist page, a way to nav to TIDAL artist page

On a TIDAL album page, when one adds a single track from a given artist to one’s library, Roon silently takes the user to the album page in their library with only that track showing.

I’d prefer Roon not do that transition at all, since it’s jarring and the resulting page shows me a subset of what I was looking at before[1]. However, the transition isn’t a big deal because the album page now has a “View Complete Album on TIDAL” banner/link beneath the list of library tracks. I can click that to get back to where I was.

However, if I search for an artist, go to the a TIDAL artist page, add a “Top Track” to my library, and Roon transitions me to the library artist page, then I can’t get back to the TIDAL artist page. Even if I use the back button, it takes me back to the search results and clicking on the TIDAL artist entry goes to a page without “Top Tracks.”

So, this feature request is to add an equivalent “View Complete Artist on TIDAL” banner/link to a library artist page. Basically, let me get back to whatever had “Top Tracks.”

[1]: If I added something to my library, it’s probably because I just played it and now want to play something else. Moving me to a page where I can only do a subset of what I could do on the previous page (playing 1 or n tracks on the album vs playing any track on the album) doesn’t help.