On Roon 1.8 Legacy but now prompted with Update - Afraid to touch it!

After a lot of time and grief downgrading from 2.0 to Legacy 1.8, I got 1.8 to work fine.

However, I am now prompted with an update. From the log discussions, apparently it’s a fix about the UI freezing and a couple of other things, however, I am s&*t scared on doing an update which might bring me to 2.0.

I can’t find any versioning before clicking the Update button. For example 1.8.0 to 1.8.1 or whatever.

I’ll probably let this fester a couple of weeks until I get the ‘freeze’ problem but I think I’ll go with the

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it’

Any problems with Legacy owners who did this upgrade?

Further to this. How do I stop the Update prompt?

1.8 Legacy will not update to 2.0. The updates are minor fixes for 1.8. I post this as a 1.8 Legacy user.


If you really wanted, you could:
Click “Details” in the blue update toast window, which will take you to Roon’s “About” tab, where you can finally click on the link to the release notes - sometimes information is buried a couple clicks away…

Upgraded. Its fine. 1.8 still here.