On the importance of quality cabling in any digital network 🤣

(Anders Vinberg) #4

Since we know that lots of extraneous detail adds credibility, i fleshed out the gaming section above, with a judicious mix of fact and claptrap. :rofl:

(GaryM) #5

You almost had me until your wife’s productivity. Excellent April Fools.



I’m wondering what would’ve happened if you hadn’t told us the whole post was an April Fools’ Day prank…


Spot on, Anthony.


That’s where you’re wrong - it is simple.
As simple as proofs of theorems…If you understand what I mean.

Long dissertation is always less persuasive…

(Michael Fanning) #9

If you want a free performance enhancement to Roon, with attendant benefits to increased computer security and faster access to webpages, try changing the DNS on your router, iPhone, computer, etc. to <> (minus the brackets, of course). Just type in to your browser and you’ll get instructions for that particular device. Before doing this, be aware that this service was launched on April Fools’ Day (get it, four ones or 4.1?). Nonetheless, it is a real service and, at least for me, actually led to quicker loading of the Roon app on my iPad and a little better response time. See this link!

(GaryM) #10

There would have been dozens of posts on how they had experienced the same things, along with scientific sounding potential explanations (using the science and engineering incorrectly of course). It’s really hard to write an over-the-top April Fools post regarding audiophile crazy stuff. There’s enough of that on the internet EVERY DAY. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Mark) #11

Absolutely superb Anders, I am printing this out and framing it.

After all, I still own those AQ Diamond Functionally Perfect Silver Interconnects that cost £500/Metre, that I purchased in 1991. What a pillock I was/am. :smile:

(Mike Plugge) #12


Well done prank!

(Rob OK) #13

This made me laugh, well played! I’m into photography and I was like “no way” over and over!

(Mikael Ollars) #14

I suppose these trials were made blindly, otherwise they have no empirical weight! :wink:

(peter jasz) #15

Anders:.Did you do the experiments or not ?

If not, you have both a vivid imagination and too much spare time on your hands -and absolutely no sensitivity for us poor audiophiles. lol

April Fool’s, honestly …


( Glen Rasmussen) #16

PoppyCock, I want what you guys are smoking, eating. Subject this to true, blind testing, flip a coin, and guess what 50/50 random results.

(Andrew Cox) #17

Gah !

Only just read this. You had me up to the subtle complex shade of gray Google results. Well played.

(GaryM) #18

You realize this is a (well done) April Fools joke, right?

(Kevin Roxby) #19

You got me; well done!
As I read along, each line brought a deeper scowl and growing outrage. “Utter nonsense,” I thought. Just the kind of drivel so-called “golden-ear audiophiles” espouse in many an on-line review. Then the punchline. You got me!
A ruefull smile followed by a sense of relief.


Did you find that there were between 49 and 51 shades of grey in the Google results?

Im not sure about the Hawthorne effect - my audio testing seems to suffer the Dunning Kruger effect.

(Justin Yang) #21

Good job, I totally agree with you.

(Isiah Lau) #25


Somehow I am in this post after I posted a new thread on above LOL

(David Liguori) #26

I’m sorry there were no audiophile grade power cords around to plug my Omega B700 enlarger into during my analog photography days.