"On The Roadmap" so far

These are the ones i could find… please feel free to add more in case i have missed

You can also add the ones that are “Not On Roadmap”


MQA software decoding in Roon SHOULD be in there. We were told we’d have it soon back in Jan of this year.

No, we were not:

It’s definitely on the roadmap though.

thanks for collating these.

It is very cool that Roon has taken note of suggestions to give guidance as to what they have on the “roadmap”.

We must be patient and not stress them in any way about the timeline for the dev of these items, otherwise they will regret the decision to keep us posted :slight_smile:

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My apologies. You’re absolutely right. We weren’t told “soon”.
We were told “hopefully soon”. Clearly a bit of a misunderstanding on my part.

See the quote on 21st Jan by Joel of this thread:

I just wanted to list the features that were officially told to be on the roadmap.

I dont think they should be stressed. I just like following roon and whats coming , I meant no pressure

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No problem, I was not meaning you at all, just in general :slight_smile:

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