One click access to album page

Invariably, at some point during listening to an album, after browsing around various other pages within Roon, I’ll want to return to the album page. Unless I’m missing something this always involves two clicks: once to get to the Now Playing screen, then again to get to the album page. Is there any way to get straight to the album page from elsewhere within Roon? If not, I’d like to request it. I have nothing against the Now Playing screen, but I rarely use it and don’t find visiting it on the way to the album page useful or convenient.

You used to be able to, but, that changed when they added the new Now Playing Screen.

In which case I’ll amend my request: could we have a toggle in preferences to choose whether we want to go to the album page or the Now Playing screen? I’m sure there are a lot of people who like it the way it is, but it drives me nuts.

I suppose you weren’t around for the “paw masher” period of Roon? :smiley:

Nope, I missed it - I started using Roon in 2017 - but having just googled it and found @Rugby’s screen grab I’m glad I did :wink:

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I loved the Pawmasher. Was upset when it was removed.

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I found a way to sidestep this problem using BetterTouchTool:

A three finger tap on the album (in the play bar) now takes me directly to the album page :slight_smile:

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That doesn’t work for everyone, however.

No, it doesn’t, so my feature request still stands.

This has been a navigation pet peeve of mine as well. There should be a way to immediately get back to the album page that is playing from anywhere in the program.

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