One Click Play Button [released]

  • Add one click play button. It is a must like any other player.
  • Add one click play button as an option. I understand some prefer not to have it.
  • Leave Roon as it is. I prefer it as it is without the one click play button.

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Here’s your poll. Vote!

Update 7/20/17:

It’s time to close this poll now that Roon (Danny) confirmed 1 click play is in the offing. Final result:

##Add 1 click play - 62%
##Not add 1 click play - 38%

define 1 click play and how one would get to the other functionality.

be sure to take into consideration touch devices.

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How about just a dedicated button here:

That’s enough area for a finger press for tablet and cell phone users. They have the choice not to turn it on in settings if it’s too small depending on how small or large their tablet or their fingers are.

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Honestly, this topic has been beaten to death (kind of like the Sennheiser HD-650 Veil on

If your question is a serious one, I would be happy to summarize my many posts on the topic, but there are a collection of posts from others on the same topic and I don’t want to presume that I share the same opinion.


Settings: Enable 1-click play on/off toggle, defaults to off.

If on, other options don’t appear, pressing play immediately starts playback of track/album/playlist.

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Imo the ‘pawmasher’ is about as useful as a third leg.
Make it’s use an option, that would mean “Play from here” would be the default behaviour when in Album, Track or playlist mode. Yes! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Keep in mind a couple of things about any Poll on the Forum:

  • They are not scientific and are taken over a self-selecting sample. There is no good basis to extrapolate the result of a poll to a larger group such as Roon users generally;

  • Roon is not a democracy.

So don’t be upset if your preferred choice doesn’t win; it may not mean anything.

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No, but there are a lot of polar opinions - and quite a few comments about each camp being a majority, or silent minority etc etc.

Its actually really interesting to see how it translates in a poll. And although not a democracy, it’s probably wise to listen if there are large enough numbers of people who would enjoy Roon more with a few simple tweaks…

Would have preferred the poll to simply be

  • I’m not bothered about 1 click play
  • I really want one click play, implemented in a way that doesn’t affect people who don’t want it.

I voted option 2 because Evans suggestion of preferences wasn’t there, but it was the closest thing - i.e. the sentiment of one click play.

Along with it I’d like a bit more granularity. Assuming the above is set, continue to play from selected track (on/off), and further pawmasher options (including disable all notion of Roon radio - I personally never use it so don’t want to be bothered by it’s options until perhaps in the future I change my mind). This could perhaps include further options if something is already playing - i.e. Play now and blow away queue, insert next, insert end, or use default pawmasher popup. Just thinking aloud, I’m sure there are a handful of options that would covers everyone’s needs/desires.

It’s a shame that the phrasing of option 1 implies one click play would affect people who like things as they are. Pretty much every comment about this feature that I’ve seen has been ‘give us an option and don’t change it for those that prefer things how they are’. I don’t see it as a confrontational discussion/change.

Maybe Danny doesn’t have the time or will to sift through all those posts, so now is your chance now he’s listening, if this really bugs you as much as you profess it may well be worth your time to

“Speak now or forever hold your peace”

And remember Danny is asking how it will work in practice not why you want it.


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Indeed it is not! The strange thing is, I would actually welcome it if Roon acted a little more like a benevolent dictatorship.

I believe that for many users the availability of this forum and Roon’s helpful participation is something that helps Roon stand out from the crowd and enhances the user experience greatly. That said, I think a slightly more direct approach from Roon might be useful. Roon generally does not comment on the ‘road map’ or future plans, which is fine. However, there does seam to be a tendency not to comment clearly and directly regards to the numerous feature requests. More specifically, it is uncommon for Roon to state that something will not happen as it does not fit the philosophy of Roon going forwards. Maybe just a polite coded response along the lines of implementing the feature is ‘not trivial’, something I fail to grasp myself as I am sure that many of the recent updates are themselves not trivial, far from it. Therefore, without clear direction and comment from Roon, endless debates and posting continue regarding some feature requests. In cases where Roon know that such a feature either will never be included, or will not be considered for a very long time, then why not clearly state the fact? This would save a lot of time amongst those that either post or follow specific topics. If it isn’t happening, I don’t want to waste my time reading about it! My own personal gripe is the lack of individual track ratings. This too is a feature that I suspect the majority of users are not bothered about, but for a sub group it is vitally important and key to enhancing the enjoyment of Roon. Never has this topic received a clear response stating Roon’s position on the topic.

I think is would be a very poor implementation of this feature. If you then select one click play in settings how do you ever add anything to the queue without destroying it? Would you want that or would you want a play next option which stopped the current track immediately but left the rest of the queue in tack.

To switch back and change the settings to add to the queue would require at least three clicks and of course you would have to remember before you hit play.

Is this a global core setting. Or is it a remote setting. Or an endpoint setting? User profile setting? Or what combination of those? What if someone else changed that setting and you didn’t realize and lost a queue you had been working on? What if they changed it on another endpoint while you were working on another one. How would you know what behavior you are going to get before you hit play? Even if you make it user profile based do others always use their own profile and not common remotes with a common profile.

Could all be solved I’m sure but I think this needs more thinking about than just a toggle in settings. This is no doubt why Danny is asking for thoughts on implimentation.

Its applicability/scope would be the same as the pawmasher’s current applicability/scope.

You can already add any track to the queue without using the play button…

Instead of a one click play, I prefer to have a one click ‘default action’. I use the queue a lot so for me the action should be ‘add to queue’.

Regarding the how, there could be a Default Action in the settings, providing:

  • Pawmasher (like it is today)
  • Play Now (what is requested here)
  • Play Next
  • Add to Queue
  • Start Radio (only if Radio is enabled for zone?)

When in album view the blue button performs the default action (button text has to be updated accordingly) and the other options move to the hamburger menu (requiring two clicks to select).

In case a picture makes it more clear:

The same approach can also be used at track level.

This is worked out quite well and I could adapt to it, but it also highlights the fact that the “pawmasher” covers all these choices (except for the radio, which I don’t currently use) in a way that’s perhaps more intuitive.

My personal issue with the “Default Action” approach is that when I press the blue button, there are three likely things I might want to do:

  • Play now
  • Add to queue
  • Add next

So for me, any default action is going to be wrong more often than not. With that in mind, my preference is to add other options as the powers-that-be deem appropriate, but please keep the current behavior as one of the options.

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You could potentially have an additional set of options for if music is already playing, including keeping the default pawmasher. Or any number of extra drop down buttons.

I think you might be over complicating it a bit. Any user can currently change dozens of global and endpoint settings in Roon and screw the whole thing up. I think we have to treat that issue separately.

I think global at the core, or user global at the core are the only viable (or sensible) options.

You are right I was over complicating things, in part to make a point. However I do think the kind of solution suggested by Jan Koudijs leads to a lot less issues than some sort of simple global setting.

Ok I’ve missed that one. I know how to add tracks to playlists, how do I add them to the queue without using play?

Just like how it works today. Click on the red area:

Am I missing something?

I believe this is a separate topic. The one click play in discussion here is on the song and not on the album.