One device keeps disappearing

I have two installs of Ropieee running, one wired, one wireless (within 6’ of my mesh).

Both running XL, but the wifi one disappears (from both Roon and the network) daily.

It was running fine for a long time.

sent feedback (while it was unavailable)


the device at xxx.x.x.29 is the problem child, the other is fine

sent feedback after I reconnected it (rebooted)


are these cloned installs or loaded from fresh flashed SD cards individually?

They were both fresh. I may try a clean flash with the newest build. Although it worked fine for months as is

Sometimes thing happen…they just do. worth a shot. Wifi can be fragile too. What RPi model are you using 3B 3B+ or 4?

Hi Derek,

The first log seems fine, this is the one wired.

The second log seems fine as well… I see that you have your DHCP lease time pretty short (12 hrs), but I also see that the renewing is working.

So this is difficult to debug. To make sure we get a proper log the following would help:

If the situation occurs again and the device is not available again, please connect a cable, go to the webpage and reboot the unit. As RoPieee runs entirely in RAM we need to make sure we get the log when the issue appears. So pulling the cable also wipes the log. Rebooting the unit from the webpage however stores the log.

Write down the time of the event, and send me feedback. I can then search inside the logs.

Oh. On a side-note: can I suggest you set the reboot time from ‘weekly’ to ‘daily’ on the wireless one?


When it disappears it also can’t be accessed thru the webpage. Only way I can get it back it pulling the plug.

I was hoping the device logs were combined, since I can’t access the specific device when it is “gone”.

I will change the reboot time.

Thank you for the responses.

Hi Derek,

The logs are combined, but the latest one is stored in RAM. So pulling the plug means loosing it.
Is there any chance you can attach a cable when it happens? Because if that’s case we can store the latest log for analysis.


I had this problem recently, with a HifiBerry Pi which had been running fine for some months. The only thing I changed was I upgraded to RopieeeXL.

I discovered my power supply wasn’t powerful enough - I thought my Pi had a 2 amp PSU but in reality it was only 1 amp. I hadn’t noticed with standard Ropieee, presumably because the power requirement is slightly lower.

It was doing the same as yours - working fine for a while, then just dropping off the network and dying. The only fix was to pull the plug and start again.

Maybe that’s it.

I turned off USB audio and got rid of the the USB cable with the on/off toggle that was powering.

Not sure if either was causing issues but it’s been solid for a couple days.

Disappeared today. logs sent


xxx xxx.xx.29 is the missing device

X.53 is good

No clue why people hide non routeable ip addresses…really no need.