One end point - two EQ profile

using headphone It could be very interesting/useful the possibility to save, for the same end point, more EQ profiles to be able to optimise the listening session choosing the right headset for the program… for example: I use Sennheiser HD580 for classic music and would like to switch to Fidelio X2 for rock, those two headset perform in complete different way and need different “optimisations” … it would be really smart to save the two (or more) profiles and select the right one when necessary

I understand this could be not a key functionality for an end user using loudspeakers (for a dealer with multiple sets could be a different story) but for headphone-guys I believe could be a feature making many people happy… or does it already exist ?

Thks in advance

Note: You have to use a full Remote (Landscape UI) to set the presets. Only the DSP Preset can be changed from Remotes with reduced functionality (Portrait UI).

Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

I do this all the time - I wish I could swap between presets even faster.

I use the convolution filters described here:

thanks rockphotog,
sorry, I forgot to mention that I use Roon Rock and those useful convolution filters are NOT compatible (at least this is the message I get trying to use/load them)… by the way (question to Roon people): is this functionality something we will have integrated in Rock in the next software release?

They are compatible, ones I have used have been for my Meze 99 Classics. You need to download both sample rate versions then zip both up into one zip file and they should load in the convolution filter fine.

… ummm… I’m not at home in these days and I don’t remember if I generated two zip files with the two wav downloaded or just one, the only think I’m sure about is the error message… thks for suggestion, back home I will try again