One iOS device is very slow in the past 3 days [Resolved]

I use several client devices; iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPhone 5SE and MacOS MacBook Pro late-2013.

All of these devices have worked nearly perfectly since November '17 when I purchased Roon lifetime.

In the past 3-4 days, the iPad Air 2 has become very latent in responding to commands/touches in Roon only. My other devices are working and responding completely normally.

To troubleshoot, I’ve removed and reinstalled the app, hard booted in between, reset my preferences, deleted cache, to no avail. I left the image cache at the default of 64MB though I’ve run it up to 1GB for months without issue. I’ve eliminated WiFi signal issues by moving close to AP, I also have no issue with iPhone close or far from AP.

I’m not having any problems with other apps on the iPad Air 2, so I don’t believe the device is failing but I suppose it’s possible.

All my devices are on the same iOS version 11.2.6, and Roon client i s 1.4 (306). I run ROCK on a Lenovo PC from 2013. PC and DAC are hardwired.



If using icloud backup you want to turn backup off for Roon first if you want a clean reninstall.

Ah thanks, I’ll try it

Clean reinstall with icloud backup turned off did the trick,