One more composition mix-up - "Just In Time"

On Chris de Burgh’s “Crusader” album, the track “Just In Time” is credited to both Chris de Burgh and Jule Styne as composers. This is wrong, the only composer is Chris de Burgh (checked the credits on both the CD and the vinyl).

There also seems to be a composition called “Just In Time” by Jule Styne, and Roon links the track to this (other) composition. Even if I fix the composer credits for the track itself locally, Roon still links the track to the wrong composition and shows Jule Styne in the credits, likely because he’s still the composer of that composition.

The track is also featured on the “Live in South Africa” album (not in Roon database), and I was trying to link both tracks to the same (correct) composition. The only way of doing this seems to be to merge Jule Styne’s “Just In Time” with Chris de Burgh’s, but given that they’re different compositions I’d fear that if I’d ever no matter how unlikely I’d get a performance of Styne’s song in my library, Roon couldn’t distinguish the two compositions after a merge.

So it’d be appreciated if you could fix this in Roon database.

(Btw, Mick Hanly as co-composer of the title track Crusader is also wrong in Roon, again Hanly seems to have a song “The Crusader” that has nothing to do with the CdeB song “Crusader”. The associated composition seems to be OK though, so I could fix this wrong credit myself)