One of your devices is running Roon Legacy

This heading comes son the screen of my iPad. I am not clear on how
to fix the problem. The Help Center at the bottom of the screen is unclear
to me. Would you be so kind as to walk me through a solution? Jim

Go to Roon - Settings - About and see what devices are running what versions of Roon. Then, change whatever seems easiest. Go the the Apple App Store to get the versions you need for iPhone and iPad.

Thanks Jim! My iPad will not allow me to move off the screen to the main menu where
I can access settings and follow your suggestions

In that case, you could install Roon Remote 1.8 Legacy from the app store and see if that works with your current core version. Do you have more than one iDevice? Install Legacy on just one of them to see.

That did the trick, thanks Jim

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