One out of four solved whith 2.0

First, ARC works fine most of the time, but it have some flaws

  • On restart of router (mine auto restart every Tuesday), Roon Core doesn’t open the port for Arc again. Yes I know I can manually set the port but if you use UPnP the core should open the port again if it Is lost.
  • Listen to music outside my home, one solved
  • Listen offline outside inside and outside my home, not solved for streams, I know, rights, but still a problem.
  • I have a second apartment where I live 3 days a week. Today I must use Audirvana there, but I want to use a second Roon Core that synchronize to my main Roon Core. Should be easier now when you have a system to distribute data från Roon Core to Arc. Its ok if it’s a Roon Core “secondary” that needs the master Roon Core online to work. This is more worth to me than mobile functionality.
  • I can choose Swedish as language in Roon, perfect, but if I choose Swedish, sorting should be done in Swedish. In Swedish the letters Å/å, Ä/ä, Ö/ö is sorted last in the alphabet.
    In Norwegian Æ/æ, Ø/ ø, Å/å sorted in that order at the end
    In German sorting is A/a, then Ä/ä, O/o then Ö/ö, U/u then Ü/ü

Is it possible you could negate the need for a second core with ARC? Or is it about using Roon in its pure sense, not the limited ARC interface?

I have a HiFi-system with a separate DAC. Can’t se how to connect my phone to the DAC that is connected to my amp.

Does you second apartment’s DAC have available USB input or optical input? You can connect your phone (not sure if it is an Android or iPhone) via the phone’s local interface (USB or Lightning) to a DAC and use that as the phone’s output. If your DAC has only optical inputs, there are a number of USB-to-optical DACs and converters that may be options for you.

Yes I can use the phone, that works of course, not bit-perfect with Android though, I can also place the sofa on top of the amp so I can reach the phone, or a 5m long USB-cable over the floor. What I search for is a solution that looks like what I have at home, I also have a Bluesound in the kitchen I want to be able to use as I do at home. Otherwise, I must continue to use Audirvana there.

Just an odd suggestion, but could you get an older iPad, an iPod that resembles an iPhone, or even an older iPhone and use AirPlay to connect to the Bluesound device (this works with ARC via AirPlay), or get bit-perfect with a DAC connected to the iOS device? Not necessarily optimal, but still a possible option in these early days of ARC.