One Squeezebox device hangs, although others play

I’ve been trying out the long-anticipated new Squeezebox support (thanks!) in Roon 1.1 (build 88) on Mac OS 10.10.5 on a Mid-2010 Mac Pro with 24GB of memory.

I use four Transporters. Three of them seem to play fine with Roon. One does not.

On the Transporter which misbehaves, when I try to play audio, it just hangs - the Roon GUI shows audio as playing, but the time counter and play cursor don’t advance.

I’ve tried power-cycling the uncooperative Transporter (by removing and reattaching the power cord), as well as forcing a reload of its firmware from the remote Squeezebox Network and power-cycling various network bits along the way. It works fine with a Squeezebox / LMS server (which I’ve shut down for most of these Roon tests), which makes me think its networking [currently using DHCP] and basic function must be okay; it displays that “roon” graphic when atttached to the Roon server… but it just won’t play audio from Roon.

Any hints about the next step to try to attempt to debug this? Is there any helpful info I can send you ?


Is the unit on the latest firmware ?

It’s running Transporter firmware version 87, which is what is installed when I force a firmware reload from either my local Logitech [pah!] Media Server instance or from the Squeezenetwork. It’s the same version reported by a Transporter which has been working with Roon when I re-connect that Transporter to my local LMS instance to check status.

Is there any logging I could be capturing as the Roon core tries to send audio to the recalcitrant Transporter which might shed light?

I don’t know Jeffrey. I would be tempted to take the unit to the location of one of the working units. Swap it and see if it is any different. If it works there then it may suggest an issue with a switch or cable in the other place.
Sorry, I can’t think of anything else to suggest.

I’m happy to report that as of build 94, the formerly-recalcitrant Transporter now plays!

Actually, I had also moved it to a different place on the home network, and then in an act of being an absolutely terrible scientist or engineer allowed Roon to update itself before trying the Transporter in the new location - thereby increasing the number of variables to two.

But I’ve never had any network-related problems with the Transporter or any other device in the other location, so I’m guessing what made the difference was tweaks to the Roon code. Eventually, I’ll swap the Transporters back and find out for sure, but I’m loath to mess with a working multiple-endpoint setup.

I also note that I’m now able to switch the Transporters between Roon and Squeezebox Server without unplugging and re-plugging their AC cords, so that’s a boon as well.

Thanks, Roon team!