Only include user’s rating when focusing

Couldn’t find a way to solve this myself, so will post this as a feature request:

In Roon there are two types of ratings, one is the user’s own and one coming from an external source. When using the focus feature to find top rated albums, I noticed both my own ratings and the external ones included in the focus result (if not yet rated by me).

Would really love if it would be possible to configure to either include both types of ratings or only user’s own. I can understand some users want to do this, but you can probably accommodate both types?

If there is a way to do this already today, please let me know. Also curious if it possible to clear out those external ratings, which would achieve the same result.

It has been requested before, multiple times, like here:

But so far, it’s not implemented. There’s no simple workaround, either, I believe. Except, well: you could use tags instead for rating albums (and tracks).

Ah thanks, was almost sure a request for this already existed. Good in the sense that more people show it is a wanted feature.