Filter by rating but only the ones rated by me


Even though I really like most of Roon’s meta data, I don’t care much for the album’s default rating.
And whenever I hear a full album, I give it a rating.

But when I want to revisit albums which I have already rated… I can’t. Because when I filter by rating I get all the ratings: mine and all the rest.

It would be really useful if I could filter by only the ratings done by me.



Really huge bump… But i’m wondering about the same thing.

My workaround right now is that i rate every new album with 1/2 a star (if i havent listened to it yet). But it would be much better if Roon could ignore the editorial rating entirely. (Or just a separate filter for editorial and personal ratings).

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Consider tagging for this.


Album tagging could work fine, I use it for my track ratings already. But I feel it’s a bit of a workaround to use it for albums since the existing album rating feature could be perfect with some small adjustments. Even a global setting ‘Only use mine’, ‘Only use editorial’, ‘Prefer mine’ would help a lot.

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I would really like a checkbox for “Rated by me” under Focus.

Bonus request: Removing Tidal albums from the library is too many mouse clicks.


Or how about the option to read the file’s meta tag rating. Been asking for this for 3 years

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Thanks for fixing this in 1.7!

Have to agree with the posts here … own rating is actually pretty useless if you cant filter ONLY for it or if it is not visible somewhere in the common views (album view).

+1 for this feature

+1 for me, this would make the filtering so much simpler…

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+1 and Bump

Filtering by my ratings is much preferred to filtering by whatever ratings engine Roon uses (Allmusic?).


(As a temporary workaround, I am using the following procedure: All albums in my Roon library are given 3 stars by default at the time they are added, to bypass the ratings given by someone else. If the album then proves better than average in the long term, I can increase the rating anytime after. On the other hand, anything below average in the long term gets removed from my library eventually - life is too short to keep it.)

Bump. Would be nice to have a way to flag an album with whether or not I’ve listened to it completely - this would meet that requirement by filtering out others ratings.

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I would really appreciate that feature. Without it, all my ratings are only gimmicks. Album Rating directly in the overview panel would a huge step forward too.

Bump. Can we please get some love going on this feature request. It should be standard stuff in a leading product like Roon. The request is simple: ability to focus by editorial ratings or personal ratings.


…and if that is not possible, maybe just let the filter ignore the editorial ratings. I agree with you, this one should have more votes.

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