Focus on album user rating only

Hi, Very new to Roon and loving it but can’t seem to be able to search for user star ratings only (versus user AND editorial rating). I.e., I want to find all my 5 star user ratings of albums. Is there a way to do this or a workaround people can share?

Really good question… What’s the point of being able to rate your own albums (i.e. ‘Your Rating’) if you can’t then use that to find them. Maybe I’m just missing something as well. I have considered using tags but that really doesn’t seem like the right solution.

@support - is there a way to search solely on your own album rating and not the editorial rating?

Hi @JASON_MILLER (and @mdconnelly) thank you for the feedback and the question here.

The behavior you are currently seeing is by design and we have a few threads in the “feature request” section of the community site asking for the same functionality (example #1, example #2). I have since flipped this thread over to the “feature request” section as well as this is the best venue for having your opinion/voice heard by our DEV team.

Additionally, I also did some research to see how some of our users are currently working around this for the time being and a general method appears to use “file tags” in Roon to be able to search albums via the rating you gave them.


This raises a good question: why and how do users want to rate their music? I find myself wanting to indicate which albums are my favorite, typically within primary genres and I suppose that could be done simply by clicking the heart and then using Focus. In thinking it through I’m not sure I have any need for a multi-point rating scale. If it’s in my collection, it’s unlikely I would then rate it less than, say, a 3. And the difference between a 3, 4 and 5 may have more to do with my mood when listening than that actual quality of the music or recording.

What do others think?