Only one disc of multi-disc set identified

Having an issue with a couple of multi-disc sets.

In both, Roon has correctly identified only certain discs, but not twigged that the other disc is part of the set, so has just plonked it in as a separate ‘unidentified’ album.

In one of the unidentified albums, I got it to identify it, sort of. It’s realised it should be part of a larger album (but one album, not multi-discs) and the tracks are out of place, so you’d have to shuffle them down to their correct numbers. However, even if I did that, the other tracks don’t have files attached, so I’d still have to merge the correctly identified second disc, and the partly correctly identified albums somehow.

Is there a slick way to do this, can’t quite get my head around it.


Two questions:

  1. What is the directory structure on your hard drive or NAS for this multi-disc set?
  2. Are your file tags consistent with this being a multi-disc set? i.e. Same album title for both and correct disc number and disc total tags.

Hi Joel,

Thanks for the quick reply.

The directory structure on the NAS for one such album is:

NAS Music/Artists/Various Artists/Back to the Movies_Hits from the Flix [1 of 2]
NAS Music/Artists/Various Artists/Back to the Movies_Hits from the Flix [2 of 2]

Your questions were enough to prompt me to solve this one; I checked the tags using MP3Tag and the disc was only set on one album. I set it on the other, which led Roon to correctly identify it as a separate disc. Then I merged the albums in Roon. All seems good now.

Don’t know why this happened, I had the same settings I always use in dBpoweramp; maybe it picked up the wrong metadata somewhere along the way.

Thanks again.

Hi James. The first “problem” is that the names of the folders are different (the [1 of 2] and [2 of 2] parts. This blocks Roon “clumping” the two discs into one group of tracks in the first place. Have a read of this KB article.

Hi Joel,

Thanks, that’s a good KB article. I’ll have to see if I can get dBpoweramp set up to automatically sort multi-disc albums into one of those file structures in future.

I didn’t bother to mention before, but the disc which Roon had correctly identified did have a form of one of those, in that track numbers were 1-01 Trackname, 1-02 Trackname, etc. I manually removed those leading ones just in case it was confusing things as part of the troubleshooting, not realising I was making it worse!

Still curious that dBpoweramp did this correctly with one disc and not the other, considering they were ripped consecutively with no settings changes in between. Odd.

It’s fairly common unfortunately. It’s all down to what the person entering the metadata put in. Sometimes, they only do the first disc, so subsequent discs are “not joined” with the first.

OK, I’ll make it a habit to check through what dbpa populates now I know what I’m looking for.