Open pdf with one click

Currently, when you open a PDF attachment for an album, you have to select the “1 PDF” link and then “open file”. I get how this might be useful if the album has more than 1 PDF attachment - but if there is only one, can we get Roon to automatically open the file on initial select?

Also, it would be nice if the PDF could be named in Roon - e.g. “Booklet”, rather than “1 PDF”.

I agree and it would also be nice if it opened within Roon rather than an external viewer.

I’ve started the process of creating image files for each page of the PDF instead and then you can just scroll though with the album art within Roon.

I use a free program called NAPS2 which will do this in one go.

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Good point! So for the PDF links we need:

  • Ability to name PDF links
  • Ability to open PDF links with 1 click rather than 2
  • Ability for PDF links to open natively within Roon

You’re creating image files from your PDFs? Funnily enough, this morning I tried doing the opposite - creating a single PDF from a bunch of image files. My rationale is that the front/rear/inside/media images can go under images, but to keep things tidy, I would put all the booklet pages together in a PDF. Also means that you can go direct to the booklet if you want, without having to scroll through any other stuff.

I think what Roon really needs is an overhaul of their album art system, and I have requested this in other threads. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to make PDF booklets or if I’ll just leave them as images.

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Other applications like JRiver and Audirvana do this easily. Why can’t Roon?

It seems that Roon keeps ignoring the really useful requests.

I agree that having two clicks to access PDFs is irritating.

I am having an odd issue that seems to have just come up. The PDF launches into my browser instead of my Acrobat Viewer on Windows PC. Windows is setup to launch PDFs with Acrobat so I am unsure why this is occuring. I used to launch in Acrobat. Ideas?

Is the Windows default still set to use Acrobat Viewer, or has Microsoft Edge grabbed it? AFAIK, Roon simply hands over the PDF link to Windows, and leaves it to the OS to open the file with whatever the default application is set to.

I tested this again, and it is opening properly in the app instead of the browser. I don’t know why it was messed up before. I do have Acrobat as the default app in Windows 10.