Opening Quotes Survey [Closed - No longer implement]

  • I like Roon’s opening quotes
  • I dislike Roon’s opening quotes
  • I like the quotes, but they display too quick
  • I don’t restart Roon enough to care

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They close to quickly to read and/or I don’t see them on iOS at all


Modified the survey, You should vote again.

BTW - The current form is as much as I’m going qualify the choices. :laughing:

Ok - but it doesn’t include my option: it doesn’t matter how often I restart the Roon client - I don’t give a fig.


Cheese ‘n’ crackers. :roll_eyes:

I never see them, Qnap core on 24/7. Not even when I re boot.

How about: “I’m fine with the quotes but do not want anything to interfere with Roon’s fastest possible boot time .”

AFAIK the quotes are only present on Windows (and maybe Mac, I don’t know). I just open quotes.db.txt and delete all content. Save and leave the empty file. No quotes… :smiley:


I don’t read them so I don’t know if I like them or not.

Can you confirm the file name? I have no occurrence of ‘quotes’ at all let alone quotes.db.txt on Windows core. Nevermind, I found it, Windows search failed me. No surprise.

I start up my PC daily Roon starts on Auto and but walk away before the quotes come

On occasions I sit there they tend to be too quick to read

The ‘not bothered either way but would like the option to turn them off’ option is missing.

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The relevent part of description -

A survey that consisted of all possible stances on this subject would be useless.

Sorry, I didn’t hit on anyone’s particular prejudice. :smirk:

I suggest you change the last choice for a shorter and more inclusive one: I don’t care.

Too late now.

Early on, I changed the choices because of another suggestion and it wiped out all the previous answers.