I have a PFGate firewall and am trying to get the ios open VPN client to connect over TUN and use my local network ROON install as source when streaming remotely via VPN.

I have dyndns for my home firewall and understand networking/vpn, but just looking for specific procedured. do any exist for how to do this with PFGate and OpenVPN client with TUN on iOS? lifetime subscriber to roon . @support

You are unlikely to get this to work unless you land the OpenVPN tunnel on the Roon Core device directly. Roon uses multicast to locate the Core, and most VPN solutions deal poorly with that.

I have personally used ZeroTier to access my Roon Core from my laptop while remote. ZeroTier is a bit different than your typical VPN, in that it creates a virtual layer two network between all machines running the client within the same ZeroTier network. (Some might call it a SD-VLAN, but that makes me cringe.) I know there is a ZeroTier client for Android, dunno about iOS.

Hello @nate_lynch,

We do not officially support VPN setups since as @cwichura mentioned they often cause Multicast issues and use different subnets, but some users have reportedly gotten them to work. You can read the following thread and see what others have done as to configure their VPN:


So let’s bring on native IOS remote capability… :slight_smile:

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i hope so. I just paid 500 for it. :slight_smile: