Opera Complete and Excerpts

I am trying to sort out my Wagner !!

I go to Compositions but I get a mix of Full Operas and odd arias, overtures etc

Has anyone found a way to split the 2 so as to show complete operas as a separate composition from “Opera x (Excerpts)”

It remains unaddressed. Some say that displaying partial compositions beats the alternative. Then there is the problem of defining a “partial” or “complete” composition; how to best do it programmatically.

I have suggested using composition time as a primary sort. That way, the full compositions will clump together. But, as you know, there is no way to know if anything is on the roadmap, where the road is leading to, or whether such a change is “on the development path”.

I guessed as much, I just asked :sleepy:

ah well, saved me asking that question. I was also wondering about this, it definitely would be great to have the complete works shown and then the “tidbits”

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This might work for you.

The solution to this is Roon having an overall structure for whole works and parts of works being related in the interface. That’s a huge bit of reworking. Rather them than me.

I hope it will be addressed one day.


Couldn’t there be 2 compositions

Opera X
Opera X (excerpts)

If was to this manually in another product that’s what I would do

Am I right I cannot Rename a Composition within Roon, but maybe externally

That would not be very clear nor flexible.

What we need is a structure whereby all performances of each aria can be listed whether on complete recordings or as excerpts. And that movement between viewing an excerpt and going to complete performances is seamless and natural.

Such a structure would also work beautifully for the 48 etc.

The 48 get all muddled up depending on wether o full set , book 1, book 2 or just an odd few

It adds to the chaos, still makes life interesting