Opera Lovers - adding librettos helps but

I tried adding a pdf libretto to a ripped FLAC file some time ago but it did not seem to work although it was OK for downloaded albums. So, either I was doing something wrong or ROON has made a tweak to allow that. Either way it is VERY helpful as the librettos added are good sized print and make listening to audio only operas much more enjoyable. This is the site I have been using for the librettos http://www.murashev.com/opera/

BUT I have been having a problem finding some of the albums in Windows Explorer to paste in that libretto. Editing the title, artists etc is useful for organisation in a large ROON collection but that can disguise the listing in Explorer. It needs all combinations of searches under artist names (conductor, orchestras, soloists even composer & title) to find the appropriate album. Does anyone know a quick way of locating albums in Windows Explorer? Not a ROON problerm, but a Windows one!

John, standard disclaimers apply here. Roon has made enquiries about displaying user provided lyrics found in the tags under…wait for it…LYRICS.

Would it make sense to move them there, or is that too limiting? Also, not sure how font sizes and formatting would be handled.

Just an FYI.

PS I’m a Mac user so no help for your OQ.

I may not be understanding the question, but why don’t you ask Roon to tell you the path to the Album? Pick a track (any track) in the album, click on the “3 dots” menu on the right of the track, and choose “View File Info”…

Thanks heaps Geoff. You understood my query and gave me the answer I was looking for. I had tried searching using track info but it is obviously much simpler than that.

ROON is is very sophisticated program and this community helps duffers like me sort it out.

Thanks again.

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