Opera roles? parts & librettos

At the moment, in opera albums there are some missing things:
-it would be great to see the libretto
-i’d really like to see in the credits the parts played by the performers. so, not only soprano vocal, but also Carmen, and similars. at the moment, in my file tags i have the roles like soprano (vocal). i understand that roon scheme in treating roles now is quite rigid… it accepts only some (a lot of) specific roles. but i don’t really see the reason for that. why can’t i set for example:
Maria Callas - Soprano (Vocal)
Maria Callas - Carmen
Besides, this rigid roles rule does not work very well. very often, file tags roles are different from roon metadata ones, and they are not merged in a logical way, so that you could get for the same track:
Maria Callas - Soprano (Vocal)
Maria Callas - Vocals
Maria Callas - Soprano Vocals

-it would make sense to show, in the opera composition, also the librettist, who is clearly a composer of the opera. we say Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi, but it’s also written by Salvatore Cammarano.


I’d like to second this, particularly the request for librettos – would be SO useful. And really the equivalent to providing lyrics for pop songs.


Well, that makes three in favor of this! Its a start…

I just did a random check of a few operas. the current situation borders on being bonkers. I often seem to have a production credit for libretto preparation (typesetting?) but no libretto and no librettist.

There are a number of sites where you can get free PDF libretto , just add them to the album folder

I’ll see if I can knock up a list


Has anyone had any success with this? I started scanning or downloading a few pdf’s but gave up. The track play screen and the pdf display are not really integrated or a least I couldn’t work out how you were supposed to use them together. So, when I bring up the pdf it completely overlays the track running order and I soon lost my place. Too hard for me.

So then I tried following along with the physical booklet but that doesn’t seem to work either as there is often such a mismatch between the “identified” track titles and the album art. A real can of worms here I suspect. What I really prefer is sub-titles like a DVD. So I rarely use roon for opera now and mostly just play the DVD on something else when I have it.

well i think that a sync lyrics/libretto would be marvelous… but almost impossible for the same reasons you are pointing out.
actually, the pdf solution is a good solution. but you have to make some effort though…

I found these 3 in other posts

http://www.lieder.net/lieder/ 5
http://www0.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page 6
http://www.operafolio.com/list_of_opera_libretti.asp 6


This one I have used before online

looks particularly interesting as it can do sided by side German - English etc (Wagner freak)

These also look ok but seem to be single language

I extracted this, Copy & Paste into Word the “print as PDF” (not sure about copyright etc)
Then pasted into the opera folder,
but you can go to this site and follow on line on a tablet say

The rest follows …

Maybe we should collect an ongoing list a bit like the URL’s of the Radio Stations ?


Have you tried 2 Screens , a bit tricky in the lounge I grant maybe balance 2 tablets :smiley:

hey, @Mike_O_Neill many thanks!
the last one, with double language, in very usefull!

I think the most obvious/easy place for the libretto would be in Lyrics. If it followed and updated with each track, it would solve most problems. Side by side translations might be a bit harder, but could do line by line or stanza by stanza.