Opera tagging procedure fails

I followed the guide in order to edit some Roon identified operas that are not displayed by “Act”. For instance: Kleiber’s Freitschütz. As what I did hasn’t been working, could you tell me what I did wrong?

  1. Importing CD to Roon.
  2. Identifying the work by Roon.
  3. Tagging with “Kid3” acts together with different SECTION values - all under the same WORK.
  4. Edit the album by chosing “File” as the source of multiple parts work.


You need to rag the PART values as well.

OK. I believed it would have been a redundancy.

But then I cannot ascribe track titles from Roon metadata to PART right? I have to manually enter all of them.

Originallly, it was only Work and Part. Sections were added partly for Opera so that Acts could be introduced.

As of Roon 1.7, the SECTION tag is also supported for multi-level works:

    TRACKNUM : 1
    WORK     : Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), opera, K. 492
    SECTION  : Act 1
    PART     :  Atto Primo: N. 1 Duettino: Cinque... dieci... venti... trenta

As detailed in the FAQ found here.

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Yes, you do.

So obviously with an Opera where there might be 60 to 100 parts that can be a problem. I don’t know how Kid3 works. I use mp3tag and when splitting the track titles into work/section/part I am often able to use a single macro instruction to batch split the entire album. There has to be some obvious pattern to the track title naming for that to work. But that seems to be the case in your example. Over the years I have built a library of mp3tag macros that will work for most common naming conventions.

I haven’t found an easier way of doing things. Sometimes, though, especially with large works like Opera you are better off “unidentifying” the album as bizarrely roon will sometimes then split the work/section/part hierarchy correctly. You then just need to add 5/6 edits of album art, recording date/location etc. rather than 100 part edits. You have to experiment.

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I have 80% of my Opera unidentified exactly for this reason. I tried to tag each work/part individually for The Ring, and that cured me wanting to do that again. (This was long before there was even a Section option.)

Not bizarre. Roon has a title parsing system which works really well actually for Act separation. Especially in the days prior to the Section Tag option. I’ve just not been bothered to go back since it works well.

Bizarre was a statement of opinion. My opinion. Please do not correct my opinion.

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