Operating Nucleus Plus and Oladra

I have a Nucleus Plus and I use it for playing music in 5 zones of my house (through Blue Sound amp) and in my main listening room (through the MSB DAC).

As I said the Nucleus is connected to my MSB DAC in the listening room and it is connected through a renderer.

I have just purchased an Oladra from Antipodes and intend connecting this to the MSB DAC through another input namely Pro USB. I intend using the Oladra for only listening in the listening room.

I have a Roon remote on the iPad.

My question is how do I use the same remote with the Roon app to either play in the listening room from Nucleus Plus and have an ability to switch to playing from Oladra?

I understand I will have to switch the source input in the MSB DAD but am wondering if the same Roon App can be used for playing through two sources namely Nucleus plus and Oladra.

The oladra can act as as Roon core and/or Roon endpoint. You can just activate the Roon
Endpoint on it and add it in Roon as a zone and your done. Will work like any other Roon zone.
Or you could ditch the Nucleus and use just the Oladra as core and endpoint and transfer you library and database over to it. Your choice.

Thanks very much for that input. The reason i need the Nucleus Plus is because i need it for playing music in the other zones (other than the listening room) as i cant use Oladra for playing different music in different zone (thats my understanding).

You can do that with Oladra as you core it just replaces your Nucleus. As I said it’s your choice but it operates in the same way. Talk to your dealer they will explain and possibly help.

Appreciate once again and hope you have a great weekend.

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