Operating with Google Mesh

I have a related question. I have a NUC and using a Google Mesh router. Unfortunately, my ISP won’t let me turn off the router they provide so basically using that as a switch to connect the NUC, hardwired via Ethernet. However, I’m noticing that when I want to use my iPhone or iPad as a controller, I have to be on the original router network, not the Google Mesh, even though when I log into the web interface it shows the Google Network (Lance Badass Network) under wireless? But when I hit Scan for WiFi Networks, it pulls up nothing?!

Since you are asking me, I have to say, ‘Me no speak Google Mesh’.

Others will chime in.

Sounds like your Google stuff is in DHCP mode so it’s acting as a router as well. I think you can put it in bridge mode and it should then all get DHCP from the main router and everything on the network should be on the same network. You should be able to disable wireless on the ISP router though and just let the Google Mesh do wireless.


Buy your own modem. Or fire your inflexible ISP. Or ditch Google Wifi. You may not have any other choices.