Opinions...make Overview page tiled like Discovery page?

I typically start from the Overview page (I think out of sheer laziness since its at the top of the list in the hamburger menu). As it is right now the page is oriented horizontally. At least for me, that means I dont see any of the other “banners” below recent albums. I think if the Overview page was tiled like the Discovery page I would be more inclined to click on the Roon suggestions for Featured Artists, Featured Composer, etc. This is definitely a case of out of sight out of mind.

Just a thought.

If you scroll down the overview page there is plenty of interest there. It always changes as well.
I know your albums are horizontal so I. Don’t know what changing it will achieve.

Thats my point. There is cool stuff down there but since its off my screen I forget about it. All I see now is just recent albums. Thats why I am suggesting a tiled view where the other items can be displayed without having the scroll down.

I hear what your saying, but it is easy to learn it and get used to it. Clicking ‘view all’ Leads you to Albums recently loaded. This follows the same format of Albums.
Not sure how a change would help other than just being different.
That’s just my view though, I am sure others will agree with your ideas.

Just my two cents - I would not be in favor… I’m running Roon on a dedicated i7 box w/ssd. About 7k albums. Discovery is pretty slow filling in it’s the only noticeably slow page in the app. Not a criticism, I know there’s some heavy lifting going on behind the scenes but I would not want that experience on the Overview page.

Interesting. My library has 45K tracks and it resides on my NAS. Roonserver is on an i7-3770s machine communicating to the NAS via wireless AC. The Discovery page loads up very fast for me. Obviously your library is probably double what mine is but I am curious to hear from Roon if library size would dramatically impact the loading of this page.