Oppo 203 and Denon AVR x6400h

I am using my Oppo 203 as a Roon endpoint connected to my Denon avr via hdmi. When I play mqa master from tidal (eg sgt pepper) or just high res 96/24 flac (Attica quartet Caroline Shaw) Roon shows high sample rate going to oppo. When I look at the avr info on the Denon app it says 48 kHz. The Denon should support 96 kHz via hdmi, any idea what is happening?

The Oppo 203 is not MQA capable. Of course, Roon will do MQA decoding from 48 to 96 if you have it enabled. Oppo 203 will do 24/192 if using RCA analog out. If using HDMI out, you are bypassing the Oppo DAC and using the Denon DAC.

Understand hdmi bypasses the oppo dac, was expecting the oppo to send digital at the higher bitrate since the Denon supports it and that is what is coming from Roon,

I think it is. Maybe a setting in your Denon? I think the Oppo is just passing through what it receives.

I have tried both spdif optical and hdmi and the Denon consistently shows 48 kHz regardless of what Roon says it is streaming. Roon shows nice purple links for 96 kHz 24 bit for example and Denon insists 48 kHz. The Denon does show 96/24 when I use the Denon app and SMB server or amazon music HD. Can’t find any setting in Denon that might be impacting.

Post your signal path and maybe someone can figure it out. I’m not sure what my Oppo 203 is sending. In my case, it probably doesn’t matter because I don’t even know what my Bose DAC can output. But, it sounds great, regardless. If I want to listen to 24/192 I use RCA out from the Oppo to headphones or I use my Meridian Prime to headphones.

Not sure what was the problem but doing a soft rest of all oppo settings seemed to fix it. Now I get input on the Denon which matches what Roon says it is.

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I have the same issue. What was your soft reset?

I was an option in the oppo admin menu - perhaps called something other than soft reset. It happened again and that time I was able to get tings working properly by restarting the denon receiver and once it had fully restarted restarting the oppo. It might be an hdmi handshake issue.