Oppo BDP 205 Volume control from Roon App?

Has anyone managed to get Roon 1.3 to control the volume control in a Oppo 205?

I’ve set ‘hide volume control in Roon’ to No, and I have virtual slider control to any step between 0-100 but it has no effect on the Oppo. I tried it both in iOS app and Mac client.

My setup is single Windows 7 PC running RoonServer 1.3, unmanaged Ethernet gig switch between PC and Oppo, Oppo is current on firmware September 25, 2017. That’s it.

Though not relevant to my volume control question, using headphone out mostly to Sennheiser HD-580 (from more than a few years ago), I also have a Crown XTi1002 that drives Ascend Sierra 2 RAAL.



Well, the next morning, upon waking RoonServer and/or reloading the client, I now have volume control on the Oppo via Roon client on both Mac and iPad.